They're Small. They're Powerful. And they’ll stop at Nothing. 

They’re FLUGS,

saving the world, one flip-flop at a time…

In the beginning, there were flip-flops. And they were good. They got you from A to B, often even C and D, plus that party over at E. But somewhere on the way to F, something happened. They broke. 

Luckily, F is for FLUGS – a made-up word that might just be the best word you read today. You see, your beloved flip-flop relies on one tiny strap to keep the whole thing together. And when that breaks, we can help…



Accidents happen. You might be at the beach, chilling at a BBQ, sipping at a café or grooving at a festival. Or maybe you’re just minding your own business, when SNAP! Your toes suddenly feel naked; your foot has nothing to hold it back. It’s official: your flip has flopped. (Which is a shame, because they were going great, hardly faded and super comfy.) They’ve gone and lost that all-important front connection that keeps you on the move.

The solution? Ingenious flip-flop plugs – or “flugs”. Broken flip-flops are useless, but FLUGS make them useful again – saving you time, saving you cash and saving you from a teary goodbye to a faithful footwear friend.  

Your favourite flip-flops can cost a lot, so it makes sense to get your money’s worth. 

With genuine Australian-made FLUGS at your side, you literally can’t put a foot wrong. Affordable and super easy to install, they’ll turn your next casual fashion disaster into a moment of triumph!

Vote with your feet.


Discover FLUGS today!